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Flower City Development Medical Arts Building: First LEED Certified Building in Rochester
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Rochester, New York

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Sustainable Development

Over the last several years this term "sustainability" has been used in many different contexts often making reference to a practice, method, product or service which contains elements of longevity. In addition, this term may mean different things to different people.

In the development industry, to us sustainability means: The ability to produce a product comprised of various systems which are environmentally friendly and consume less natural resources than conventional building practices. Often times conventional "thinking" produces results that are not necessarily sustainable. An example of this might be installing a carpet which has been manufactured will little to no recycled content in it versus one that has recycled content. To the end user it's still a "carpet" but the one produced with recycled content would be considered more sustainable.

Flower City Development adopted the concept of "sustainability" as it progressed through the renovation of the Medical Arts Building. It became evident that the return on selected sustainable measures could in fact produce measurable savings in energy.

One method of measuring sustainability is through the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. This is the process Flower City Development went through to certify the Medical Arts Building in 2006 and proudly resulted in Rochester's first LEED
certified building.

For more information about sustainability in conjunction with development, please call the Flower City Development office at 585-697-3399.

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Energy Smart Award

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Medical Arts Building